Accusative case

Variants: -(y)i, -(y)ı, -(y)u and -(y)ü

Definitive objects take on the accusative case marker -i.
Can inciri yedi
 Can.ABS house.ACC buy.PT
‘Can ate the fig’

The accusative marker -i has four variants based on vowel harmony (If you need a review of the vowels that can appear in suffixes, see Vowel Harmon in Suffixes):.

    Çocuk gülü verdi
child rose.ACC give.PT
‘Child gave the rose’
-i Jane beni gör
Jane 1SG.ACC see.PT
‘Jane saw me’
Duvar rüzgarı kesti
Wall wind.ACC stop.PT
‘Wall stopped the wind’
-u Güneş buzu eritti
Sun ice.ACC melt.PT
‘Sun melted the ice’

When the stem ends with a vowel -y is inserted to break up the vowel cluster:
elma ‘the apple’
soruyu ‘the question’

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