Conventions Used

Following are examples of some of the conventions used on this website:

Example Data

Following type of labels provides a word in Turkish, its pronunciation and its meaning.
bbaba ‘father’


Following type of label provides etymological information:
Fr. station > istasyon
The abbreviation on the left side of the greater sign indicates its origin language: Fr. French, Fa. Farsi, Ar. Arabic, Ge. German.

Data without sound

Underlying phonological forms are written using IPA symbols within slashes /ne haber/ and surface forms are within square brackets [na:ber].

This is an informative note. This box provides additional information on the current topic.
For Linguist
These boxes will provide data that might be useful to linguists and as such will include technical lingo. If you are not familiar with these terms you may ignore these boxes.

This is an inflectional suffix.
This is a derivational suffix.

Glossing Rules

This website follows the Leipzig Rules for glossing morphosyntax.

Other markers

Curly brackets mean you must pick one of the possible options:

{ pardon } bakarmısınız?

Parenthesis indicate that the provided item is optional:
(pardon) bakarmısınız?

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