Date II

Continued from Date I


kış ‘winter’
ilkbahar or bahar ‘spring’
yaz ‘summer’
sonbahar or güz ‘autumn’


Here are the month names in Turkish:
Ocak ‘January’
Şubat ‘February’
Mart ‘March’
Nisan ‘April’
Mayıs ‘May’
Haziran ‘June’
Temmuz ‘July’
Ağustos ‘August’
Eylül ‘September’
Ekim ‘October’
Kasım ‘Novermber’
Aralık ‘December’

Month names in Turkish is a good example of what Ottoman Turkish might have looked like. It is a confusing mixture of languages. A few of them have Turkish origins, Ocak, Ekim, Aralık, a couple are from Latin, Mart, Mayıs, Ağustos, and one from Arabic, Kasım. But the great majority of them are from Sumerian, Assyrian and Babylonian via Levant Arabic, Şubat, Nisan, Haziran, Temmuz, Eylül.
Days of the week

Just like the month names, names for the days of the week in Turkish is a mish mash of terms from Turkish, Arabic and Farsi:

Pazar ‘Sunday’
Pazartesi ‘Monday’
Salı ‘Tuesday’
Çarşamba ‘Wednesday’
Perşembe ‘Thursday’
Cuma ‘Friday’
Cumartesi ‘Saturday’

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