Turkish Case Markers

Turkish case markers are morphemes (suffixes) that mark nouns for their grammatical functions (roles). There are six noun cases in Turkish. Five of these cases are marked with suffixes (accusative, genitive, dative, locative and ablative) and the remaining one is not (nominative). These cases can be divided into three groups based on their traditional grammatical functions (in terms of their English counterparts). These cases can express:

Admittedly, I am deviating here from my two main sources on Turkish grammar. Lewis states that there are six noun cases in Turkish and lumps absolutive, nominative and vocative into one. Göksel & Kerslake on the other hand state that there are five “case suffixes”. As we shall see in the next section, although there is no nominative suffix in Turkish (or it is a null marker), nominatives are still marked by using word order (just like English).

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