Turkish Interrogatives – Which?



Hangi ‘which’ act like determiners of noun phrases and as such always appear at the head of the noun phrase,

(1) Uzmanlara göre hangi bitkiler daha fayda?
expert-PL-DAT according-to which plant-PL more benefit-ADJ
‘according to experts, which plants are more beneficial?

(2) hangi araba aln?
which car-ACC buy-PT-2s
‘which car did you buy?


Hangi can take on the following personal suffixes,
(3) hangisi?
‘which one?’

(4) hanginiz camı kır?
which-2PL.POSS glass-ACC break-PT
‘which one of you broke the glass(window)?

(5) hangimiz daha uzun?
which-2PL.POSS more tall
‘which one of us is taller?

Above suffixed forms can take on case markings,
(6) hangimizi sevdin?
which-1PL.POSS-ACC love-PT-2S
‘which one of us did you love?’

(7) hangimize verdin?
which-1PL.POSS-DAT love-PT-2S
‘to which one of us did you give?’

(8) hangimizden aln?
which-1PL.POSS-ABL take-PT-2S
‘from which one of us did you take?’

(9) hangimizin boyu daha uzun?
which-1PL.POSS-GEN height-ACC more tall
‘which one of us is taller?’

Hangi can also take the plural marker -ler concurrently with the personal markers above. The difference between the hangi+POSS and hangi+ler+POSS is akin to the contrast between one and ones. That is, when the plural suffixed form is used to form the interrogative, the questioner is expecting multiple subjects/objects as the answer. Whereas in the plain singular form, the expectation is for only one subject/object. Please note that notwithstanding -leri, these forms are seldom used.
(10) hangileri yeni geldi?
which-PL-3S.POSS new come-PT-3S
‘which are the newly arrived ones?’

(11) hangileriniz camı kır?
which-2PL.POSS glass-ACC break-PT
‘which one of you broke the glass(window)?

(12) hangilerimiz?
‘which ones of us?

Subordinate clause

Hangi can also function as a complementizer,
(13) Bakalım bugün hangi öğretmen İngilizce dersini verecek?
look-COM which teacher English class-ACC give-FUT-3S
‘Let’see which teacher is going to teach the English class today’

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